Joko Widodo 7th President of Indonesia

Joko Widodo 7th President of Indonesia

Joko Widodo 7th President of Indonesia (born 21 June 1961) is an
Indonesian politician who is currently the
President of Indonesia. He is universally known
in Indonesia as Jokowi, an acronym derived
from his full name. He was previously the
Governor of Jakarta and, prior to that, the
Mayor of Surakarta .
He was nominated by his party, the Indonesian
Democratic Party – Struggle (PDI-P), to run in
the 2012 Jakarta gubernatorial election with
Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (often known as
Ahok ) as his running mate. Jokowi was
elected governor of Jakarta on 20 September
2012 after a second round runoff election in
which he defeated the incumbent governor
Fauzi Bowo. Jokowi’s win was widely seen
as reflecting popular voter support for “new” or
“clean” leaders rather than the “old” style of
politics in Indonesia.
Jokowi’s popularity rose sharply following his
election to the high-profile position of governor
of Jakarta in 2012. During 2013 and early
2014, he was increasingly seen as a potential
PDI-P candidate for the Indonesian presidential
election in 2014 . His nomination was
announced on 14 March 2014. Jokowi was named as the President-elect of
Indonesia on 22 July 2014 after being declared
the winner of the presidential election winning
more than 53% of the vote over his opponent
Prabowo Subianto , who withdrew from the
race before the count was completed disputing
the outcome.

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